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Megan and Gareth's Fairytale Ireland Elopement
at Belle Isle Castle

Morning preparations

Megan and Gareth from Minnesota, USA share a passion for literature, having immersed themselves in countless magical stories and characters, finding inspiration in the triumph of every challenge.

During our initial Zoom call, I inquired about their decision to elope in Ireland. Megan revealed her lifelong dream of exchanging vows in a blue gown within the walls of an Ireland ancient castle. Her words sent shivers down my spine. It's truly remarkable how our deepest desires can manifest into reality, even allowing us to marry our own prince in a medieval castle.

I greatly admire individuals who dare to dream and have the courage to turn their fantasies into tangible experiences.

Selecting Belle Isle Castle for their Ireland elopement, Megan and Gareth found themselves amidst a historic gem dating back to 1700, nestled in the heart of County Fermanagh, Ireland. Originally built as a noble residence in the early 17th century, the castle has witnessed generations of celebrations since 1760. In 1991, it underwent a full restoration, welcoming visitors to revel in its grandeur. What a wonderful location to elope in the irish castle!

Opting for an intimate elopement in Ireland, the couple surrounded themselves with their nearest and dearest. Emotions ran high as Gareth and Megan prepared in the Belle Isle castle suite, eliciting tears of joy from their parents at the sight of their grown children.

Megan's  morning preparations

With the help of friends, Megan got her nails done and styled her hair, while a close confidante lovingly put together the floral arrangements for the ceremony, including the bouquet and boutonnieres. Seeing everyone pitch in for their special day was truly heartwarming.

Morning inspiration while eloping in Ireland. 

Castle elopement ceremony in Ireland

Despite Megan's vision of an outdoor ceremony, Ireland's unpredictable weather had different ideas. As she prepared, the weather shifted between rain and sunshine multiple times. Eventually, the sun emerged, allowing the ceremony to take place outside. Infused with Celtic touches, the non-traditional ceremony had a fairytale vibe, with rain arriving just in time for their vows—an auspicious sign in many cultures.

Couple photographs

After the elopement ceremony, guests and the newlyweds captured memories as the sun set. A suitcase full of their favorite books from America added a personal touch, reflecting their shared love of literature.