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Engagement Photoshoot Northern Ireland

I'll never forget this  photo session with Ruby and James.

Warm summer evening, sea breeze, amazing rock beach in Portmuck..

And we were so lucky to catch incredible sunset. 

alisa lymanska photography-14.jpg
alisa lymanska photography-18.jpg
alisa lymanska photography-22.jpg
alisa lymanska photography-27.jpg
alisa lymanska photography-25.jpg

Little bit more words about that day...

Ruby and James. I remember them with such warmth inside! They are absolutely gorgeous! 

I'm so grateful to couples when they are so natural and relaxed! It was their first photoshoot together, and they were nervous before. But I let them just walk and speak to each other, I offered some ideas what to do, so they had some direction but any posing. They laughed and had fun, while I was capturing their happy faces.

I love to show people's feelings and emotions. Sometimes I think I feel the same with my couples.

And I also guess engagement is one of the most relaxed periods of life. When you have just fallen in love. Everything is new and feelings are so bright. So it's always pleasure to me to take such moments fo happy couples in Northern Ireland.

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