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Ireland Elopement Photographer

If a big wedding
is not for you.

  • You don’t want to be like on the stage all day.

  • You don’t want to try to satisfy all the different wishes of your family.

  • But you want to have this day only for the two of you.


If you're not going to go
the traditional route, what do you do?

So elopement in Ireland can be an option for you!
Ireland elopement

Why my clients choose to elope in Ireland?

There could be many reasons for eloping. Most of my clients say they didn't want a big wedding with 100+ people, they're embarrassed to be the center of attention and don't want to live up to anyone's expectations.

Someone has dreamed all their life about an unusual, slightly fairy-tale ceremony against the backdrop of a castle. And Ireland can make this dream come true!

Of course, during elopement you are absolutely free and can plan your day as you want. Planning such event inspires, excites the mind, makes you dream.
Elopement in Ireland

These stories will give you the idea how to elope in Ireland


Jenny & Barrie's
elopement in Ireland


Montana & Sam's
elopement in Northern Ireland


Alisha & Kyle
Elopement at Dunluce castle

How to plan elopement in Ireland?

I believe a elopement means a lot and gives you new incredible experience.
These are experiences that you will remember for the rest of your life.

Memories of your elopement in Ireland will warm your hearts and keep the fire of love alive throughout your lives.

How this works:

Ireland elopement

1. Write me a letter with your expectations and dreams about elopement.
2. Together we will choose the date that suits you best.
3. I will help you decide on a plan for the day, based on what you like to do and your style.
4. You can ask me any question about elopement or other suppliers, and I will help you book any service.
5. Fly to Ireland and live this special time with your loved one.
6. I will save these priceless moments of your elopement day in photos and videos and send them to you.

What you should know before eloping in Ireland

1. The weather. It's unpredictable in Ireland. You need to understand this and be prepared for the fact that there may be wind, there may be rain, or there may be sun all day. As a photographer I can work in any environment during the elopement, but it is important that you are not disappointed when something doesn't work out as you expected. The beauty of Elopement is that it is an adventure, and you never quite know what awaits you in the end.


2. The dress and shoes. Most likely you will have to move a lot. And your wedding dress should be comfortable for this. Pay attention to models that do not restrict your movements, choose light fabrics and those dresses that fit well, and you do not worry about the dress.

Your shoes are also very important. It's best to take boots or trainers when exploring Ireland's beautiful wild places, ideally your footwear should be waterproof. 


3. Weekdays. I also almost always recommend scheduling an elopement on a weekdays. Most of the places we visit will be publicly accessible, and often many tourists or local people come there for a weekend walk. It will also be easier for you to book any supplier, such as a hairdresser, makeup artist or florist.

Ireland elopement

4. Relax. This is the day when you can be yourself, when you can do whatever you want, enjoy every second, do not rush, but just have fun.

I guide you during the shooting if necessary, but I always remain an observer and do not interfere with the experience that you want to experience.

Ireland elopement
Ireland elopement
Alisa was so accommodating and easy to work with, and her pricing is more than reasonable. She is an absolute professional, but she was also so fun to get to know.

My wife and I came over from the US to celebrate our marriage and get elopement pictures done. Alisa was kind to us as she helped us navigate an unfamiliar terrain, and she helped us in choosing the most magical spot to get our pictures done.

Makayla and Patrick, USA

The Right Adventure Elopement & Intimate Wedding Photographer Can Make All The Difference

Ireland elopement photographer

Hi, I’m Alisa.


My background with the war in Ukraine let me see that  life waits for no one. I see that we can’t live our lives waiting for better days to happen. Life is about choosing to live.

I always felt honoured to capture special moments for people. But now I understand how important it is even more. Sometimes photos are all we have left.

Being more than just an elopement photographer, I help couples craft an intentional experience that allows honest emotions to reveal themselves.

I believe in elopements so much so

Ireland Elopement

Are you considering an Ireland elopement?

Let's discuss your adventure!

Leave your contact details,

and I'll be in touch as soon as possible.

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