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Jenny & Barrie's elopement in Northern Ireland

Sometimes, my subjects look like movie stars, and sometimes I can't believe that these are real ordinary people. I admired this dazzling couple every second. But besides their beauty, I was delighted by the relationship between Jenny and Barrie—their  enderness, trust, and understanding.
It seems to me that every couple who chooses elopement instead of a wedding is already unusual.
And I am always excited in anticipation of our meeting in Ireland.

Morning preparations

   My main goal during the elopement is to help the couple express themselves naturally so that sincere feelings and relationships can be captured. We started the day with a leisurely chat while Jenny was getting her makeup done. Barrie added wood to the fireplace and made drinks for all of us. After much correspondence and planning for this Ireland elopement in Northern Ireland, we finally met in person, and it felt like we had known each other for a long time.

   We laughed, joked, and worried about the weather because the sky was very cloudy, as often happens in Ireland.

   Jenny carefully chose her elopement dress. While planning to elope, she changed three wedding outfits. In the end, she settled on a laconic and elegant dress that fitted her figure. She also dreamed of wearing Jimmy Choo shoes, although sometimes there is simply no room for them during an elopement in Ireland. So we took some photos in these gorgeous shoes before the ceremony. And for a walk around, Jenny took her strong and comfortable boots to the hills. I like this combination of brutality and a tender wedding dress! But most often, under a long dress, shoes are not visible at all, so you don't have to worry about buying beautiful ones when planning your Ireland elopement. But you definitely need to take care of a strong, stable pair of boots or shoes.

   I dearly love the tradition of writing letters to each other and handing them to each other before the first look in wedding gowns. It's always so touching and sweet! It seems to me that elopement was created to experience such touching moments. Their first look was so emotional that I got goosebumps when I saw the guys.

Dunseverick castle elopement ceremony

   The couple decided to exchange vows against the backdrop of the ruins of Dunseverick Castle. I love this place; it is incredibly beautiful, protected from the winds, and looks truly romantic.

   Steve Ames pronounced Jenny and Barrie husband and wife, and videographer Jack and I stood as their best witnesses. And this is truly an honor for us!

Eloping in Ireland
you can visit many gorgeous locations

   Well, then we just explored the beautiful places of Northern Ireland, enjoyed the sunset, and just crazy views. My favorite part of the photoshoot was the walk by the ocean. We were lucky with the sun and got some really magical photos.

Exploring Dark Hedges while eloping in Ireland

   The final point of this adventure was the famous place - Dark Hedges. It seems to me that this is where you can really feel that famous mood of Ireland - dark, moody, but so mysterious and a little fabulous.