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Montana & Sam's elopement in Northern Ireland

Unforgettable story about true and honest love. I'm super excited to share this photographs, they mean a lot for me. Soon you will understand why.

Accomodation The Old Bank.

Dress The white dress Couture.

Makeup Jennifer Ireland.

Hair Sinead Williams.

Videography Lyman Sky Videography.

Morning preparations

    Montana and Sam didn't want a big, big wedding. They were attracted by the idea of doing something special and just for the two of them and in another country, so they decided to elope in Ireland.

   We planned this elopement 5 months in advance and to be honest, that's enough time for good organization. My main advice is to choose a weekday for your elopement, and everything will be organized in the best possible way.

   We finally decided on the date, August 17, 2023. And Montana told me, that her grandmother from California and a couple of Sam's friends would join their secret ceremony.

   The guys wanted to see each other for the first time right at the ceremony. Therefore Montana was getting ready with her grandmother, and Sam was getting ready separately with his friends. They chose absolutely lovely hotel deep in the countryside - Th Old Bank.

   It was convenient that Montana and Sam were meeting in the same house, but in different rooms, and I was able to capture everyone's morning preparations.

   Particularly touching was the moment when Montana gave her grandmother a gold bracelet. No one could hold back their tears.

Dunluce castle elopement ceremony

   Sam and his friends were the first to go to the ceremony site - the famous Dunluce Castle. Here I gave them a surprise gift from Montana. The guys were surprised and were simply happy. That day was very windy, and near the ocean the wind can still be felt stronger. Therefore, the guys had to work hard to light the cigars.

  How beautiful Montana and her dress looked in such gusts of wind! You could admire her endlessly!

Stunning bride!


  Following the ceremony with the incredible Dunluce Castle as a backdrop, the couple spectacularly opened a bottle champagne and shared it with all the guests.

Eloping in Ireland you can visit many gorgeous locations

   Next we set off to explore the northern coast of Ireland. And the first stop was - Ballintoy Harbour.

This is an incredibly beautiful place with a secret beach.

  White and black rocks create a unique impression, sometimes it seems as if this landscape was simply painted.

  The strong wind did not allow us to stay here for long, and we decided to go to a more a quiet place - Dunseverick Castle.

Exploring Dunseverick castle ruins while eloping in Ireland

   The ruins of Dunseverick Castle are located on one of the three hills and look very romantic. You want to stay here longer and just enjoy the beauty of this place.

   I let Montana and Sam relax and be alone to feel that now they are husband and wife, one whole, and they go through life together.