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Stephanie Richard's wedding
at the Rabbit Hotel

I remember this wedding for the couple’s extraordinary love for their pets. Stephanie brought her horse and dog to the venue to take memorable photos after the ceremony.

And this was the highlight of the whole day. There was so much joy and delight! Every guest enjoyed the presence of a majestic animal.

Venue The Loft Templepatrick

Hair Mandy's Hairstyle

Makeup Artistic Makeup by Leah

Videography Lyman Sky Videography.

Wedding photographer in the Rabbit Hotel and the Loft templepatrick

Bride's preparations at the Rabbit hotel

Where to begin the tale of Stephanie and Richard's wedding at the Rabbit hotel and the Loft Templepatrick? To the outside observer, all weddings may seem alike, following a similar script and storyline. But as an experienced wedding photographer for 8 years, I can attest that each wedding is unique, just as we, as individuals, are all different. Each bride has her own values, tastes, and relationships with friends and family. And every time, I strive to tell and show this wedding story as honestly and truthfully as possible.

The morning began in the beautiful rooms of the Rabbit Hotel. I adore the interior and color scheme of the room, which offers various lighting sources perfect for wedding photography. The abundance of lamps, spotlights, torches, and sconces in the hotel creates an atmosphere of enchantment and coziness.

Stephanie leisurely prepared with her bridesmaids, while her father intermittently came in, asking when she would be ready. He was visibly nervous, and as a wedding photographer, I find these moments beautiful, always striving to capture such subtle details of each day. Eventually, Stephanie emerged to meet her father for their first look. She presented him with an embroidered handkerchief as a keepsake. All of us - the bridesmaids, photographer, and videographer - couldn't hold back tears witnessing this tender moment. Her father had been waiting his whole life to see his beautiful daughter in her wedding dress. By the way, Stephanie chose an incredibly beautiful bohemian-style dress for her wedding at the Rabbit hotel and the Loft Templepatrick.

The same moment at the bar at the Rabbit Hotel

Soon, the groom and his friends arrived at the Loft Templepatrick. They settled in the bar, awaiting the start of the ceremony. Richard gifted his friends personalized flasks as mementos of their wedding day. Then, we took several group photos of all the guys in front of the main entrance of the Loft Templepatrick. I love shooting at the Rabbit Hotel because there are endless locations for wedding photography, always inspiring creativity.

The ceremony at the boat house, the rabbit hotel

Now, onto the ceremony. The ceremony hall at Rabbit Hotel was simply enchanting - harmonious colors, beautiful lighting, comfortable layout, and tastefully selected decorations. I believe that everyone who enters the Boat House is overwhelmed with delight. Thanks to the decorators at the Rabbit Hotel and the Loft Templepatrick for creating such a beautiful setting for the wedding ceremony.

Richard nervously awaited Stephanie's entrance, though he hid it well. His friends cheered him on as best they could. And I recall feeling the goosebumps in that moment. Despite working as a wedding photographer for so many years, I still get nervous and experience these touching moments as if for the first time. Documenting your wedding is always an honor for me; it's truly a special profession, and I am immensely grateful to be able to capture the happiest moments of human life.

family photographs at wedding at the rabbit hotel

The highlight for me was capturing the family photos. The bridesmaids and groomsmen looked incredible. But the real showstopper was Stephanie's beloved pets at Rabbit Hotel - her horse Miller and dog Ollie. They are such beauties! It was a delight! The entire team at Rabbit Hotel and the Loft Templepatrick came to see them. Many guests also wanted to take photos with these incredible animals.

Actually, inviting all your loved ones, whether they are people or animals, to your wedding is such a wonderful idea. I admire Stephanie and Richard's decision.