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Family photoshoot with pets

Capturing people's lives is a privilege I cherish. It typically begins with an engagement photoshoot, followed by the significant milestone of the wedding.

I find joy in witnessing the growth of families and eagerly anticipate news of new arrivals.

Sharing in these moments with my couples brings me genuine happiness as life unfolds before us.

Having pets join family photoshoots adds an extra layer of emotion and delight. From cats and dogs to horses, snakes, sheep, and even rabbits, each brings its own unique energy.

Today, I'm excited to share a family photoshoot featuring rabbits—an experience filled with uniqueness and excitement. Each animal requires its own approach, sometimes requiring patience, other times encouragement. It was a delightful experience with the rabbits, who may not be as obedient as dogs or cats but are just as devoted.

family photoshoot with pets

Stephanie and Calvin enjoyed feeding their pets and each other's company at home.

Home photos hold a special place in my heart. They capture moments where you can truly be yourself, relax, and indulge in what you love. And this is so natural to do family photoshoot at home!

I believe natural family photos are achieved by being authentic and embracing the moment without worrying about poses or appearances. Being happy in the moment is truly beautiful!

family photoshoot with pets

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