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Micro Wedding at the Culloden Estate

Maria and Andrew opted for an intimate wedding, surrounded by their closest loved ones. With bride's parents unable to attend from Ukraine, their circle was small, but filled with warmth and joy.

The ceremony took place in the stunning Bangor Castle, its architecture and interior providing a backdrop of timeless elegance for their vows. The resulting photos exude romance in a classic style.

wedding at Culloden Estate

As a wedding photographer, I witnessed the mix of excitement and nerves before the ceremony, capturing those precious moments. It was heartwarming to see the groom’s father step in to escort Maria down the aisle. Despite the nerves, every couple hopes for a smooth wedding day. And this wedding day wasn't an exception.

For their reception, Maria and Andrew selected the opulent Culloden Estate, a historical gem that never fails to inspire awe. The grandeur of its rooms, stylish furnishings, and abundant natural light through its expansive windows provided the perfect setting for capturing beautiful memories. I absolutly love this gorgeus venue.

The Culloden Estate boasts stunning gardens and an outdoor staircase, which are popular spots for couples to visit and capture their wedding photographs.

wedding at Culloden Estate

I endeavored to capture the guests' interactions and emotions, striving to convey the essence of the day through my lens.

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