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Kirsty and Adam

It was and honor to be present at this wedding. I captured so much hidden imtimate emotions, that I still remember that day with warmth and gratitude.

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The most thrilling moment.  When Kirsty went out in a Chinese wedding dress to her fiancé and father.  The strong and usually unemotional dad couldn't hold back his tears.

Then we had amazing chinese tea ceremony full of love and respect to parents. 

It was my first experience and I'll never forget that emotions.

And now I'd like to share with you photographs from ceremony. More then 100 people came to visit it. And Kirsty had her second wedding gown. Amazing dress from Ukranian designer. I was happy to know this detail. And just lool at the bride! She is stunning!

There was so cool lounge zone. Guests had drinks and chat. Children played games. And everyone was ready fro dinner.